Xeno:Summoner Cosplay Contest & Version Update Available in April


Xeno:Summoner mobile game is having a large cosplay contest and a version update this month!

<<Official Press Release>>

Cosplay Contest

From April 2 to 17, a cosplay contest will open for registration, together with an SNS sharing event. Do not miss it since the rewards are really great!

From April 20 to 24, who will be the cosplay champion? You can affect the outcome! Come and vote for your favorite cosplayer!

Xeno:Summoner Cosplay Contest & Version Update Available in April

Version update

On April 18, the new version will be online! New heroes, new sets, battle pet system, magical dungeons… Still, want to know other new content? Then join me in the game to explore!

In addition to the beauties, the most anticipated in the event is the generous rewards. Whether you are a cosplayer with great skills or a fan, you can get your own surprise!

From April 20, you can vote for and canvass your favorite cosplayer and win the grand prize with her together! Who will be the champion? You are in control of the outcome!

 Summoners, are you ready? Join me and let’s go!

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