Xeno:Summoner Cosplay Event is Calling For Votes


Xeno:Summoner mobile game is calling for votes for their Cosplay Event held last month! Vote for your favorite cosplayers who have 99% similarity to the lovely characters!

<<Official Press Release>>

Thailand’s well-known cosplayers, Sena Sama and RRRRIKU also participate in the event! Shapely and long legs, dazzling beauty, cute JK lady… Have been highly concerned by the fans! 

In addition, the most attractive part of this event is the rich reward! Except for the contestants, other players can vote for their favorite Cosplayer and receive rich and attractive rewards!

Xeno:Summoner Cosplay Event is Calling For Votes

Xeno:Summoner Cosplay Event Details

The voting event will be held between April 20 and 21 on the official Facebook, don’t miss this chance to support the cosplayer! The results of the vote and the winners will be announced on April 26.

Xeno Summoner Cosplay Event Calls For Votes 2

If the cosplayer wins the Champion, the voter will get Golden treat voucher*1, Legendary clothes making fragments*1, Legendary weapon-making fragments*1, Luxury material package*2, Love Chocolate*10

If the cosplayer is not ranked, the voter still gets Crystal*200, Experience book (large)*100, Universal Fragment*20, Blue Enchantress*5!

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