Genshin Impact 2.6 Update Phase 3 Events “Spices From the West” Announced


Genshin Impact announced Phase 3 of their Zephyr of the Violet Garden event for the 2.6 update following a delay to the 2.7 update due to COVID. The Kamisato Ayaka, and Epitome Invocation banner will be extended indefinitely until further notice.

The extension to the banner gives Kamisato Ayaka fans another chance to roll for her, and the Mistsplitter. There are currently no plans to announce any other banner.

Genshin Impact – Spices From the West Event Details

In addition, Genshin Impact announced the start date for the “Spices From the West” event, which was previously delayed due to maintenance involving the Serenitea Pot.

Genshin Impact Event

The Spices From the West event begins on May 14, 2022, until June 7, 2022, the exact time will depend on your region. With Hoyoverse setting a definite start time for the event, it’s likely that they will resolve the issues with the Serenitea Pot very soon.

Genshin Impact – Overflowing Mastery Event Details

Overflowing Mastery is back! from May 22, 2022, until May 29, 2022. Talent book drop rates will be doubled three times a day!

Genshin impact 2.6 phase 3 002

Genshin Impact – Marvelous Merchandise Event Details

Genshin impact 2.6 phase 3 008 1

During the event, Travelers can look around Mondstadt for Liben the merchant. Give him the materials he requires to open Boxes o’ Marvels, which contain Primogems and other rewards. After exchanging for Boxes o’ Marvels five times, a Mega Box O’ Marvels will be unlocked, which provides Travelers with additional rewards that include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora.

〓Event Duration〓

2022/05/06 10:00:00 – 2022/05/13 03:59:59 [Exact time depends on server region]


Adventure Rank 12 or above

〓Event Details〓

● Liben will randomly provide Travelers with seven different types of Box o’ Marvels rewards. Travelers can preview the contents of each Box o’ Marvels before opening them. Rewards may also differ for each player according to their game progress. Travelers can enter other players’ worlds to exchange for their desired Box o’ Marvels rewards.

※ Travelers can submit materials to Liben only once per day. Please mind the daily refresh time of the rewards, as any unused chances to open Boxes o’ Marvels will be lost.

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