Rotate to The Rhythm! Rotaeno Officially Launches Today!


Rotaeno, developed by Dream Engine Games and XD Network, officially launches on May 30 for iOS and Android! The world’s first “rotation control” rhythm game made quite the splash when it was first shown off in 2019! The game will be available globally for USD $2.99 on App Store and Google Play.

The basic game includes 24 playable songs, while login into the game will get you four additional free songs from May 30 to June 30.

Rotate to The Rhythm! Rotaeno Officially Launches Today!

Rotaeno Trailer

What is Rotaeno?

Rotaeno is a rhythm game that is played with the gyro sensors of your phone! Rotate your phone and tap, slide, and hold to the rhythm! The circular track is very reminiscent of the arcade rhythm game MaiMai, and is looking to be a frantic, and intense rhythm game!

Building on the basic controls of more traditional rhythm games, Rotaeno includes notes that require smooth turns and rapid rotations to hit, making it feel like you’re drifting in a high-speed interstellar stunt race. It’s a real arcade experience – in the palm of your hand!

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Rotaeno is loaded with exclusive tracks from renowned rhythm game composers. From EDM to JPOP, KPOP to Opera, the stylistically diverse song collection contains a future favorite song for every music lover! More songs are already planned for future updates and will be released on a regular basis.

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Follow Ilot, our heroine, on a cosmic journey through the stars, and witness her growth as she sets out on her own. Follow in the footsteps of a friend, meet locals on different planets, and save the future of Aquaria!

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