Alternate World Pharmacy Anime Debuts in July 2022!


The official website of the anime adaptation of the Alternate World Pharmacy (Isekai Yakkyoku) novel series updated the new information regarding the anime’s opening and ending songs, as well as a confirmation that the anime will debut this July!

The opening theme song is “Dreamlike Chronicle” (夢想的クロニクル) by Kaori Ishihara, and Little Black Dress is the performer of the ending song “Light Rain on a Sunny Day” (白雨).

The story centers around a young pharmacologist who was so focused on his research that he died from overwork. He was transported to an alternate world and reincarnated as Pharma, the scion in a noble lineage of court healers. In this world where erroneous remedies and cures are rampant, he takes on all kinds of ailments to save lives, thanks to his inside knowledge of modern pharmacology from his past life.

isekaiyakkyoku key

Alternate World Pharmacy Anime Character Design

■ Falma de Médicis – CV: Aki Toyosaki

He is the second son of the de Medicis family, a famous family of court pharmacists, and the reincarnated form of Kanji Yakutani, a pharmacological researcher. He struggles to save many people with the knowledge from his previous life and the abilities he acquired in this world. He opens and becomes the owner of the Alternate World Pharmacy, a pharmacy authorized by the empire.

Eléonore Bonnefoi – CV: Reina Ueda

The top disciple of Bruno, Falma’s father, and also Falma’s tutor. She also provides support to Farma at the Alternate World Pharmacy. She is a good friend and a reliable older sister.

Charlotte “Lotte” Sorel – CV: Kaede Hondo

A servant of the Médicis family alongside her mother, and Falma’s caretaker. She has a cheerful personality and is very caring.

Alternate World Pharmacy Anime Staff & Production

Director: Keizou Kusakawa
Series Composition: Wataru Watari
Script: Wataru Watari
Original creator: Liz Takayama
Original Character Design: keepout
Character Design: Mayuko Matsumoto
Animation: Diomedéa

Alternate World Pharmacy Anime Cast

Falma de Médicis – CV: Aki Toyosaki
■ Eléonore Bonnefoi – CV: Reina Ueda
■ Charlotte “Lotte” Sorel – CV: Kaede Hondo

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