Laid-Back Camp’s 1st Mobile Game Details Coming This June


enish announced on May 16 that they will release the game information and start pre-registration for the first smartphone game based on the anime Laid-Back Camp in early June! The game will be available for iOS and Android, and be free to play!

Laid-Back Camp Game Project Teaser!

Laid-Back Camp Game Early Details

■ Disclosure of game information and the start of pre-registration
In early June, game information including the game’s systems will be released on the official website! When the information has been revealed, pre-registration will also begin.

■ Pre-registration methods

You can follow the official game Twitter, and TikTok, and enter your email on the official website to pre-register, and gain info on the game as it is released!

laid-back camp

What is Laid-Back Camp?

Laid-Back Camp, aka Yuru Camp, is a light-hearted manga series created by Afro. The manga’s set around Yamanashi Japan and follows girls Rin Shima, Nadeshiko Kagamihara, and their friends as they explore the various campsites around Japan. The work is more well known for its anime which has run for 2 seasons.

Yuru camp 002
Yuru camp 003

Laid-Back Camp has received numerous other media, such as a film coming in July, a VR game, and a visual novel! The series is known for its incredibly cute characters, atmosphere, and generally laid-back events, making for a cozy, and relaxing watch! All of the campsites featured in the anime are of real locations, and are popular tourist destinations!

Yuru camp 004

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