Natsuno-kanata Sets A Release Date for Summer 2022


Lone developer Kazuhide Oka, announced that the full version of natsuno-kanata – beyond the summer post-apocalyptic text-adventure game, will release in Summer 2022. Early access to the game is currently available on Steam.

Natsuno-kanata is a text-based adventure game where you guide a young girl, Natsuno as she explores the remnants of a destroyed Japan. The entire game is mostly played through text, and through your dialogue with her, you can influence how she travels in her journey.

Despite seeming like a visual novel, the game is more than that under the hood. Players can have Natsuno craft, and cook items, as there is a persistent health and stamina system. If Natsuno runs out, you will reach a game-over state, or restart from home. Players can also equip Natsuno with weapons, in the worst-case scenario if she fails to avoid the monsters.

Natsuno-kanata Character PV

natsuno kanata release 005
natsuno kanata release 006
natsuno kanata release 007 2
natsuno kanata release 008 1
natsuno kanata release 002 1

Natsuno-kanata Story

One day, you decided to rummage through old belongings and find your grandmother’s computer after her death. Searching for old memories, you opened a file, and hear a voice from the computer… Somehow, a call connected you to a girl named Natsuno. She tells you about how she’s traveling the world, how she’s left her family and friends behind in Tokyo, and how she walks alone when the trains have stopped running.

How the world ended, half a year ago to an unprecedented pandemic. One that turns people into monsters, and the world knew nothing about it before, and after it ended. Of course, there is no pandemic in your world, but somehow you and Natsuno are still connected through this call. There are so many things unknown about Natsuno, but she just asks one thing from you.

“Talk to me,”

natsuno kanata release 003 1
natsuno kanata release 001 1

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