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▲ The entrance

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyu!! Exhibition is currently ongoing at Tokyo’s Gallery AaMo (25th April, 2017 to 28th May, 2017) . Originally a popular manga series on Weekly Shonen Jump, Haikyu!! (ハイキュー!!) was first adapted into a stage play called Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyu!! two years ago. This exhibition presents the show’s costumes as well as the atmosphere by recreating the settings. Below is a report for the opening ceremony and press preview.

Immersed in the world of Haikyu!! Performance

Upon entering the exhibition hall, there was a screen resembling a volleyball net that played a three-minute long video. After the video were the costumes on display. Uniforms made for the actors from Karasuno High School, Aoba Josai High, Nekoma High, Date Tech High and Tokonami High School could be found there. Sakanoshita Store, the convenient store which is owned by Karasuno’s coach and where his students usually stay was set up there alongside the coach’s costume. Aoba’s shoes were unfortunately not available at the moment since they will be used in the upcoming performance on 7th May.

▲ Karasuno High School

▲ Aoba Josai High

▲ Nekoma High

▲ Date Tech High

▲ Sakanoshita Store

Iconic scenes and costumes

The exhibition also reproduced many iconic scenes from the performance, such as King of the Court and Hinata’s fast movement.

▲ King of the Court

▲ Hinata’s fast movement

▲ Shoyo Hinata

The backstage of Hyper Projection was first made publicised specially for this exhibition. Despite being only a doppelganger, the backstage here still managed to show visitors the female high schoolers’ uniforms, Shimada Mart’s apron and many other props. There were also mysterious costumes that have yet to be seen in the performance.


▲ Unused costumes

Special projection mapping

As the name Hyper Projection suggests, Haikyu!! stage play is a hybrid of tailored projections and the actual play. In order to let visitors experience the atmosphere once again, the stage used was set up with the actual projections displayed there. Along with the play’s official score played in the background, it was no different from being in the arena of the performance.

▲ The actual stage

The actual stage where more than 96 Haikyuu!! plays have performed is a sloping stage. The spikes used for marking positions and the footprints left on stage were able to be seen, so visitors can enjoy what were left there as well as the view from the cast’s perspective.

Unpublished pictures

The latter half of the exhibition showcased a lot of unpublished photos of the cast. There were some autograph boards with the actors’ messages printed on them while some autograph boards were those with famous lines from the manga.

▲ Unpublished photos

▲ Actor’s autograph boards with comments

A work made of everyone’s idea

The 10 actors from the Karasuno team attended the opening ceremony with director Walley Kinoshita on 25th April.

▲ From left to right (front): Walley Kinoshita, Ryotaru Kosaka, Tatsunari Kimura, Kairi Miura; From left to right (back): Jastine Tomimori, Kentarou Akisawa, Kenta Suga, Shohei Hashimoto and Kazuma Kawahara

▲ Opening ceremony

▲ From left to right: Kenta Suga and Tatsunari Kimura

Director Walley Kinoshita

It is rare for a play to have its own exhibition, but Haikyu!! is a work of many ideas, so many that it deserves an exhibition. Please enjoy this work that is created by all staff and cast members.

Kenta Suga as Shoyo Hinata

The stage where we act is displayed as it is. When you are in the same place as we did, you may have new discoveries. The Haikyu!! performance has already lasted for two years. Everyone has been contributing many different ideas, and so I am happy that there is this exhibition to showcase our collective hard work.

Tatsunari Kimura as Tobio Kageyama

I feel so touched when I saw the pictures and settings. The exhibits are very impressive. The Haikyuu!! stage play is still running. We will hold together and work hard until the very end.

Ryotaru Kosaka as Kei Tsukishima

There are pictures with the cast’s comments near the the end of the exhibition. Everyone’s message is there. Please look forward to it.

Kairi Miura as Tadashi Yamaguchi

The small props exhibited and the traces left on stage remind me of many things. Please enjoy the atmosphere and the feeling of being a part of the Haikyuu!! staff.

Kouhei Shiota as Ryunosuke Tanaka

I want to make it a riddle (a Japanese riddle): I watched Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!!, and I visited the Haikyuu!! Exhibition – I am so touched!

Shohei Hashimoto as Yu Nishinoya

This is an exhibition filled with the history of Engeki Haikyuu. Please bring along the emotion you have after watching the performance and get immersed in the exhibition.

Kazuma Kawahara as Chikara Ennoshita

The fact that this is an exhibition about Engeki Haikyuu and Engeki Haikyuu only makes me emotional. Please take your time to experience what can only be experienced here.

Kentarou Akisawa as Daichi Sawamura

Everyone worked very hard on the stage. Please go ahead and experience the ideas that were not shown on stage.

Hiroki Ino as Koshi Sugawara

The blankets that were used in the training camp scenes are there. Visitors may smell something.

Jastine Tomimori as Asahi Azumane

This is a play which is considered to be quite difficult in terms of the amount of exercise. Please visit the stage and experience how hard it is.

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyu!! Exhibition will finish on 28th May. Tokyo Dome City Hall which is right next to the exhibition hall is also now hosting the latest play, Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyu!! Shosha to Haisha, until 7th May. Tickets are available for purchase at the venue and tickets for the last show’s live broadcast are available for pre-ordering there as well.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyu!! Exhibition
Date: 25th April, 2017 ~ 28th May, 2017 (closed on 9th May)
Time: 12:00 ~ 20:00 on regular days, 10:00 ~ 22:00 on weekends, public holidays and from 28th April to 7th May
Venue: Gallery AaMo
Price: 2,000 yen for adult and 1,400 yen for child if purchased on the day of visit

※ Tickets are only available for sale if pre-ordered tickets remain (tickets bought on the day of visit should be purchased at least 30 minutes before the exhibition closes).

Official website: http://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/aamo/exhibition/engeki-haikyu/

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