Monster Strike x Spy x Family Collab Arrives on May 27


XFLAG’s Monster Strike slingshot mobile game announced a collaboration with Spy x Family starting May 27. The collaboration will feature the Forger family, including Loid, Anya, and Yor in the Legend Series hatcher. Visuals for the collaboration characters were also revealed.

Monster Strike x Spy x Family Collab Arrives on May 27

Monster Strike x SPY×FAMILY Collab Characters

The three collaboration characters will be available at the Legend Series hatcher as a time-limited event. Drawing tenfold of the hatcher will give you a bonus in-game Anya stamp, with 9 different style.

■ Water ★6 [Agent Twilight] Lloyd Forger – CV: Takuya Eguchi

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■ Light ★6 [Esper] Anya Forger – CV: Atsumi Tanezaki

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■ Fire ★6 [Thorn Princess] Yor Forger – CV: Saori Hayami

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The bonus in-game stamp is as follows;

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Monster Strike x SPY×FAMILY Collab Quest

A special quest “The Prestigious School’s Interview” will be available during the collaboration period, where you can collect Anya coins in exchange for the in-game stamps of Damian, Becky, and Henry. Clear the “Anya Intelligence Test” daily can also obtain stamps of Yuri, Franky, and Silvia. The stamp of Loid and Yor will be presented to all players as login bonus.

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