Laid-Back Camp Mobile Game Reveals Gameplay; Pre-registration Opens Now!


enish finally unveiled the gameplay details of its upcoming Laid-Back Camp mobile game! Based on Afro’s Laid-Back Camp manga and anime series, the game focuses on the themes of “anytime, Laid-Back Camp” and “all-in-one experience”! The developer also aims to utilize the unique traits of Laid-Back Camp, to create a one-of-a-kind camping experience on your phone!

The Laid-Back Camp mobile game is set to release on iOS and Android in 2022! Pre-registration also opens today!

Laid-Back Camp Mobile Game PV

Game Features

■ Menu Screen
The game’s main menu is where you spend your time camping in the game’s story mode or set up your own site! There will also be options for crafting your own camping goods and food! Your favorite camper will always be in the middle, wondering what they should be doing next! You can even participate in events, pictured on the left as the Laid-Back Camp Christmas event, and check out details on your members, and the game even has an album!

There also appears to be a “Beginner camper” function on the top left to help new players, and a season pass and challenge button on the bottom right suggesting activities and a point system let you earn more rewards over a period of time.

Laid-Back Camp

Home Screen
Tapping on the Camp button will lead you to your home screen! Here you can see the girls hanging out at the campsite with the stuff you’ve added to it! Watch them play around, eat food, talk about their environment, and generally goof around! Depending on the time and weather, the environment will change to reflect that! Wake up early in the morning with the girls, or rest with the soothing sounds of the campfire right next to you!

The game also has a “Yuru Navi” function on the left side of the screen, suggesting a feature where you can navigate between multiple campsites.

yurucamp game 011
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■ Camp Layout
On the Camp Layout screen, you’ll have an overall view of your campsite, here you can set up everything from tents, tables, chairs, and accessories! You can change the location of the campsites based on the ones featured in the show, from Yamanashi to Lake Motosu, and more! The game will debut with over 1000 items for you to customize your campsite, with more being added for any kind of camper.

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Remember the delicious-looking meals from the show? Now you get to create them yourself, adding your own spice to the meals! Enjoy collecting various recipes and cooking them, and watching the girls react to them.

yurucamp game 007

Laid-Back Camp Characters

Returning from the Laid-Back camp anime are the members of the camping club and Rin! Each character is fully animated with several facial expressions to fully get across their character and mood!

■ Kagamihara Nadeshiko – CV: Yumiri Hanamori

yurucamp game 005

Shima Rin – CV: Nao Toyama

yurucamp game 003

■ Chiaki Oogaki – CV: Sayuri Hara

yurucamp game 004

■ Inuyama Aoi – CV: Aki Toyosaki

yurucamp game 0066

■ Ena Saito – CV: Rie Takahashi

yurucamp game 002

Pre-registration Campaign

enish is running a pre-registration campaign for the game. The more users that register, the more rewards it will distribute to all players when the game launches. Pre-registrations that exceed 250,000 users, will grant all players Yuru Coins worth 10 pulls of the Gacha. At 300,000 users an unknown reward will be granted to all players.

Players can register by either following the game’s official Twitter account, the game’s TikTok account, or by entering their email on the official game website

yuru camp game pre reg

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Laid-Back Camp Mobile (tentative) Laid-Back Camp Mobile (tentative) enish,inc. Release Date: Autumn 2022 Pre-register