WIT Studio’s Moonrise Sci-Fi Original Anime Reveals 1st Poster


Netflix’ Geeked Week reached its animation block today and revealed a new poster for Moonrise, an original anime by WIT Studio. The sci-fi anime is written by Tow Ubukata, who worked on Ghost In The Shell Arise and the new RWBY: Ice Queendom anime, and directed by Masashi Koizuka, storyboard artist for Attack on Titan!

The project was actually announced back in 2018, and a prologue of the anime was released as a novel, The story follows the lives of two men, Jack and Al as they learn to live in outer space.


Moonrise Story

The anime’s story follows Jack and Al, as they move between the Earth and the moon, trying to survive the hardships and challenges of living in outer space, and the conflict between humans trying to do the same. The anime’s action scenes are said to revolve around the unexplored parts of the moon and will feature never-before-seen technology used for those scenes

Moonrise Staff

Original Work: Tow Ubukata
Director: Masashi Koizuka
Production: WIT Studio

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