Soul Hackers 2 Now Available for Pre-order; DLC Info Revealed


Sega revealed more information about the DLCs for Soul Hackers 2, the sequel to 1997’s Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker. Pre-orders for the digital edition are available now starting June 9, and Steam users will be able to pre-order the game on June 10.

The game’s third PV was also revealed, shedding the spotlight on the confrontation between Devil Summoners over the Covenants. There’s also a sneak peek at Dungeon Exploration and boss battles!

Soul Hackers 2 PV3

Soul Hackers 2 Pre-order Infomation

Soul Hackers 2 will be available in multiple editions, console players will have access to a standard digital edition, and a 25th-anniversary edition. The standard edition contains the base game, while the 25th-anniversary edition also comes with a digital music album, an anniversary book, Mary’s Maid Set DLC, Ai-Ho DLC Demon, and the base game

Steam players on the other hand will have a digital deluxe edition and a digital premium edition. The digital deluxe edition comes with bonus cash, incense, and EXP packs, with an additional scenario called “Lost Numbers” The digital premium edition grants the same bonuses, while also giving six Costumes and BGMs from Atlus’ other games, a bonus demons pack, Mary’s Maid Set DLC, and the Ai-Ho Bonus demon DLC.

All players that pre-order on Steam will get the Persona 5 Alternative Set Two DLC, letting players dress their team up as the Phantom Thieves!

■ Soul Hackers 2 Digital Standard Edition (PS4, PS5)

soul hackers 2 pre order 006

■ Soul hackers 2 25th Anniversary Edition (PS4,PS5)

soul hackers 2 pre order 007

■ Soul Hackers 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (Steam)

soul hackers 2 pre order 008

■ Soul Hackers 2 Digital Premium Edition (Steam)

soul hackers 2 pre order 009

Soul Hackers 2 DLC Information

Sega has also released information on the upcoming DLC! There will be DLCs adding character costumes and BGM tracks from the original Soul Hackers and other Atlus titles, as well as granting and unlocking fusions for powerful demons such as Mara and Masakado!

You can also get an early boost in the game, with DLC packs that provide in-game currency and EXP items. Players can also purchase the additional scenario “Lost Numbers”, which will feature characters not present in the base game!

More details will be announced as the game reaches its launch date, and if you’re interested in buying these DLCs, there is an All-in-one DLC set that lets you get all of these items and more at a discounted price!

soul hackers 2 pre order 001
soul hackers 2 pre order 005
soul hackers 2 pre order 003
soul hackers 2 pre order 004
soul hackers 2 pre order 002

About Soul Hacker 2

Soul Hackers 2 is a JRPG developed by Atlus, and the fifth installment of the Devil Summoner series, itself a part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise! Summon, and fuse demons with Ringo and Figue, and battle in flashy turn-based combat as they get caught in a war between two opposing Devil Summoners Factions, and stop the end of the world!

Soul Hackers 2 will launch globally on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S\X, and PC on Steam on August 25.

soul hackers 2 pre order 011
soul hackers 2 pre order 012

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