Honkai Impact 3rd v5.8 “Canvas of Stars” Launches June 30


Honkai Impact 3rd‘s latest update, v5.8 “Canvas of Stars” is almost here! The Ninth Flame-Chaser, Griseo will finally be making her debut, along with a new story event, chapter 30 of Story Chapter Open World, new challenges, a new card event, Divine Key, and more are coming to the game!

Honkai Impact 3rd v5.8 Canvas of Stars Trailer

Honkai Impact 3rd New Character Griseo

■ New Valkyrie Starry Impression Griseo

Griseo finally makes her debut after her appearance in the Elysian Realms and open-world story! Griseo is a cross-wielding physical damage dealer that fights with her powerful partner, Mr.Knight.

Griseo is able to paint her enemies in different colors, and switch between three colors by tapping on her ultimate ability. Depending on the color combination used, her combo attack will send Mr.Knight out to deal damage and knock enemies airborne!

Honkai Impact 3rd
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Honkai Impact 3rd Story Chapter 30

Coming with Griseo is the 30th Story chapter, and a new boss to Elysian Realm, Kalpas! Check out the new story and battle the sixth Flame Chaser. A story event comes with the release of the new chapter, giving you a 4-Star Aponia: Perdition (T) Stigmata, Starry Impressions Fragments, Crystals, and more for completing challenges!

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Honkai Impact 3rd – Journey of Painting Stars Event

A long time ago, the horrible great serpent devoured the stars and the moon. Evening forever disappeared. To retrieve the evening colors, a painter embarked on a journey with partners to seek the scroll painting left by the legendary depicted.

Griseo’s battle suit fragments will be available in the Journey of Painting Stars Event! Clear story stages and complete missions for the events to get pigments, which you can exchange for Luna Kindred’s “Before the Dawn” outfit, Starry Impressions Fragments, materials, and more in the Starlight Treasury!

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Honkai Impact 3rd – New Divine Key and Outfit

The Herrscher of Thunder gains even more power! A new Divine Key is available in v5.8, the Seven Thunders of Retribution: Rumble and Narukami! The powerful Divine Key will allow Raiden to keep Kurikara out on the field briefly after her ultimate, and has a new powerful weapon skill she can even use in Burst Mode! The Herrscher of Thunder is also receiving a new outfit, Haunted Dusk, information on how to unlock it will be available later!

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Honkai Impact 3rd – Login Rewards

The event will also introduce the Painting Stars’ Bounty! Log in every day to receive crystals, skip tickets, Asterite, and more!

Login bonuses are available from June 23, until July 4, so don’t forget to log in!

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