Mirror City VR World-Themed Adventure Game Announced for Mobile


Skywalk announced Mirror City, a point-and-click adventure game that allows players to interact with characters in the virtual world. The game is coming “soon” to iOS and Android and a pre-registration campaign will be available later.

Mirror City VR World Themed Adventure Game Announced 001

About Mirror City

In the game, players will solve different incidents by interacting with the game’s characters. Each episode is revolved when you uncover and heal their traumas.

Incidents that occur due to each trauma are related to the secrets of a virtual space called Mirror City, and you will simultaneously solve a huge story related to the worldview along with the stories of the characters. The game is set in a major virtual reality world, in which you can enjoy various game genres at once, such as isekai fantasy, and romance to capture different favorability.

Mirror City VR World Themed Adventure Game Announced for Mobile 002 1

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