Goddess of Victory: Nikke Unveils New Character PV and Booth at TGS 2022


Level Infinite just released a brand new character PV featuring Alice and Ludmilla, for the upcoming mobile action shooter, Goddess of Victory: Nikke!

Level Infinite is attending the Tokyo Game Show this year and released some images of the company’s booth at the venue. The exhibit is also featuring popular cosplayers Kokoro Shinozaki and gravure idol Moe Iori cosplaying as Neon, and Marine respectively.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available for pre-registration on the game’s official website.

nikke tgs booth 001
Goddess of Victory Nikke 1571

Nikke: Alice and the Snow Queen PV

Goddess of Victory: Nikke New Characters

Here’s a closer look at the in-game character portraits for Alice and Ludmilla that were featured in the new PV!

■ Alice – CV: Hina Yomiya

An air-headed girl whose head is like a flower garden. Despite operating in the cold climates of the north, she wears a body suit due to her body temperature being unnaturally high. She trusts Ludmilla deeply as the Snow Queen who protects the frigid north, and as her guardian.

nikke tgs booth 002

■ Ludmilla – CV: Ai Kakuma

The Nikke known by many as the Snow Queen who protects the North, and belongs to Unlimited. A dignified and imposing queen, she’s a true aristocrat who carries out her duties diligently, and with grace.

nikke tgs booth 003

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Worldview

Humans live their lives expecting a tomorrow, but what happens when the end of the world comes without any warning?

Humanity was attacked by an alien invader known only as Rapture. With little time to prepare, the human race was nearly extinguished in the blink of an eye, with nothing the onlookers could do but watch in horror. As the remaining humans retreated deep underground, they created beings known as the NIKKE, powerful androids with immense power, shouldering the final fate of humanity on their shoulders.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Gameplay

The game is a third-person shooter on mobile that pits players with controlling a NIKKE weapon, to fend off the Rapture. Players will need to fire at enemies while managing their ammo count, the enemy attacks, and using the right weapons for the jobs.

Each character possesses a unique weapon type, from shotguns to rifles, snipers, rocket launchers, and more. Strategic use of their weaponry will allow you to dispatch foes more quickly, and in a pinch, you can execute their Burst skills to rain down hellfire on the enemy, and bring down humanity’s wrath upon the invaders.

Characters and animations are created with detailed Live 2D, allowing you to witness the full impact of the gun’s recoil on your characters, and capture their detailed expressions during battle.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Pre-Registration

You can pre-register for the game on its official website, for both iOS and Android globally. Since Pre-registration opened earlier last week, the game has now exceeded over 1,000,000 pre-registered users, giving all players rewards of up to 700 gems when the game launches

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nikke pre reg 004
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