Bleach Brave Souls Launches Thousand-Year Blood War Event on September 30


With the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime coming soon, it’s only natural that Bleach: Brave Souls would be hosting an event to commemorate the anime finally making its comeback!

The new event adds versions of Kurosaki Ichigo, Ishida Uryu, and Sado Yasutora to the game in their incarnations found in the Millenium Blood War arc with their new powers. The event also brings with it Yhwach, leader of the Quincies as a boss fight in this new event!

Bleach Brave Souls Thousand-Year Blood War event begins on September 30

Bleach Brave Souls Millenium Blood War Event PV

Bleach Brave Souls New Characters

New version of Kurosaki Ichigo, Ishida Uryu, and Sado Yasutora are coming to the game! These three powerful versions of these characters are based on their appearances and abilities in the Thousand-Year Blood War arc in Bleach, boasting devastating AOE attacks, and powerful abilities like ignoring defense reduced cooldown on heavy attacks, and dealing bonus damage when the enemy is rebuffed!

■ Kurosaki Ichigo – CV: Masakazu Morita

bleach brave soul mbw 003
bleach brave soul mbw 010
bleach brave soul mbw 005

■ Ishida Uryu – CV: Noriaki Sugiyama

bleach brave soul mbw 002
bleach brave soul mbw 009
bleach brave soul mbw 006

■ Yasutora Sado – CV: Hiroki Yasumoto

bleach brave soul mbw 001
bleach brave soul mbw 008
bleach brave soul mbw 007

Bleach Brave Souls Yhwach Boss Fight

Coming to the game is also the Father of the Quincy and Emperor of the Wandenreich, Yhwach! You’ll be able to fight Yhwach in this new boss fight, with elements and attacks taken straight from the upcoming anime in a raid fight with a group of up to six players!

bleach brave soul mbw 012
Bleach Brave Souls

Event Celebration Retweet Campaign

If you follow the Bleach Brave Souls Twitter account and retweet the Thousand-Year blood War PV, you can help everyone receive several bonus rewards! Once the PV reaches 40,000 Retweets globally, all players can also receive a free 5-Star Summon Ticket!

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