The One Piece Card Game Launches on December 2 With a Special Shop in the UK!


The One Piece Card Game is slated to come out globally this winter, and it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer when the card game officially opens up an exclusive shop on November 2!

The One Piece Card Game is opening its first official shop in the UK at the Namco Funscape Metrocentre in Gateshead. The shop will be pre-opened to host special teaching sessions and other activities on November 23rd, and then it will be open publically on December 2, with cards and other merchandise being available for purchase to the public.

The One Piece Card Game is a TCG created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Eiichiro Oda’s globally popular manga series. With illustrations and designs based on his work and new illustrations based on the anime and manga, you can build your own deck of your favourite characters and cards, filled with memories of 25 years of One Piece!

One Piece Card Game Shop Products

Here is a list of the products that will be available at the One Piece Card Game shop when it opens on December 2! You can find more about these products and more on the Card game’s official website.

Starter Deck
■ Starter Deck – Straw Hat Crew (ST-01)
■ Starter Deck – Worst Generation (ST-02)
■ Starter Deck – The Seven Warlords of the Sea (ST-03)
■ Starter Deck – Animal Kingdom Pirates (ST-04)

■ Constructed Deck x1 (51 cards)
■ DON!! cards x10
■ Playsheet x1
*Same contents for any deck type
*Contains some identical cards from 17 types for gameplay purposes

One Piece Card Game

Booster Pack
■ Booster Pack – Romance Dawn (OP-01)

■ 121 card types

one piece tcg products 0 5
one piece tcg products 0 1

■ 9-pocket binder set manga version
■ 9-pocket binder set anime version
■ 9-pocket binder set original illustration version

■ 9-pocket binder x1
■ 9-pocket pages x15
■ Booster Pack – Romance Dawn (OP-01)

one piece tcg products 0 3

Official Sleeves
■ Official Sleeve 1

■ 4 card types
■ 1pc:  70 sleeves
*Same content for any sleeves type

one piece tcg products 0 2

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