Othellonia x Food Wars! Collab Runs from November 18


DeNA’s Othellonia strategic RPG is holding a special collaboration event with the popular anime series Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma from November 18 to November 30. Get the free collaboration character, Soma, and enjoy a collaborative gacha with over nine characters from the anime!

Othellonia x Food Wars! Collab PV

Get A Free Character By Just Logging In!

By logging in during the collaboration period, players can receive the special A+ [Son of the Yukihira Restaurant] Sōma Yukihira!

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Othellonia x Food Wars! Collaboration Gacha

A total of nine ultra-rare S+ and A+ collaboration characters of each attribute will appear in the Food Wars Collaboration Commemorative Gacha. In this gacha, at least one collaboration character is guaranteed for each 11-pull drawn. In addition, the appearance rate of certain characters will increase.

Furthermore, in the Food Wars Collab Commemorative Ticket Gacha, players will receive one “Collaboration Gacha Ticket” every day during the collaboration period, allowing them to draw up to 13 single pulls for free!

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Othellonia x Food Wars! Collab Characters:

■ S+ [God-Like Tongue] Erina Nakiri – CV: Hisako Kanemoto

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■ S+ [Medicinal Food Chef] Hisako Arato – CV: Saori Ōnishi

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■ S+ [World Taste Innovation] Alice Nakiri – CV: Chinatsu Akasaki

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■ S+ [Vegetable Cooking Wizard] Kojirō Shinomiya – CV: Yuichi Nakamura

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■ S+ [Creative Culinary Challenger] Sōma Yukihira – CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

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■ S+ [Cooking with Care] Megumi Tadokoro – CV: Minami Takahashi

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The Great Battle! Survive the Tohgetsu Academy! Event

In the Great Battle Event “The Great Battle! Survive the Tohgetsu Academy!, you can relive famous scenes from Food Wars! Also, by clearing certain stages, players can obtain the S+ [Kyokusei Ryo no Daikokubashira] Isshiki Toshi collaboration character, the collaboration stamp, and a special player tag for you to use in Othellonia.

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Furthermore, in the event of The Great Battle! Challenge the Autumn Selection!, you’ll be able to get the A+ [Perfect Trace] Subaru Mimasaka and A+ [Kitchen Dictator] Ryo Kurokiba!

■ A+ [Perfect Trace] Subaru Mimasaka

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■ A+ [ [Kitchen Dictator] Ryo Kurokiba

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Lastly, in the Great Battle! Tsukasa and Kobayashi’s Rare Beast Hunt! the event, players can obtain the collaboration characters S+ [White Knight of the Dining Table] Eiji Tsukasa and S+ [Rare Foods Master] Ryuyo Kobayashi by clearing specific stages.

■ S+ [White Knight of the Dining Table] Eiji Tsukasa

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■ S+ [Rare Foods Master] Ryuyo Kobayashi

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One Time Only! Yukihira Restaurant’s Opening

This Othellonia x Food Wars! collab event can be challenged only once during the period, and those who complete the event will gain the A+ [Prisoner of Gastronomy] Andromeda collaboration card and a large amount of experience.

A+ [Prisoner of Gastronomy] Andromeda

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Othellonia x Food Wars! Collab Missions

From November 18, the Aim for the Commemorative Pieces! Complete Mission will be held. By completing all of the missions, you will receive the A+ [Food Wars!] commemorative piece from the collaboration.

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Take on Jouichirou! Damage Challenge

In this event, players will be able to obtain the S+ [Asura’s Chef] Jouichirou collaboration character and the player tag by completing missions that request that you deal the specified damage. In addition, players who finish in the top 10 with the highest damage value will earn a special player tag.

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