Liar Liar Anime Unveils Teaser, Staff, Cast, and 2023 Debut


Haruki Kuō and konomi’s light novel series, Liar Liar is getting a TV anime, and released a new teaser trailer along with information on the anime along with announcing a 2023 debut!

The anime also released a new visual, along with illustrations from konomi and Funa Yukina, the illustrators for the novel and manga versions respectively. The anime unveiled that Genta Nakamura will be playing Hiroto Shinohara with Yukina Shutō as Shirayuki Himeji, and Wakana Kuramochi as Sarasa Saionji.

The “academy x mind game x romantic comedy” story is set in an academy where students battle each other to determine their ranking and place within this school. Young student Hiroto Shinohara emerges into this academy with the highest ever grades from the school’s exam, the toughest in all of Japan. On the very first day, he takes down the queen of the school, Sarasa Saionji and gained his place among the school’s Elite Seven Stars.

This is actually all just a ruse though, and to maintain his ranking he has to keep up the charade through mind games, forgery, and more to maintain his place in the school!

liar liar anime teaser visual
liarliar anime teaser visuals 1
liarliar anime teaser visuals 3

Liar Liar Anime Teaser

liar liar anime teaser 0 1
liar liar anime teaser 0 8
liar liar anime teaser 0 7
liar liar anime teaser 0 6
liar liar anime teaser 0 5
liar liar anime teaser 0 4
liar liar anime teaser 0 3

Liar Liar Anime Cast Members

■ Hiroto Shinohara – CV: Genta Nakamura

liarliar character cast 0 3

■ Sarasa Saionji – CV: Wakana Kuramochi

liarliar character cast 0 1

■ Shirayuki Himeji – CV: Yukina Shutō

liarliar character cast 0 2

Liar Liar Anime Staff

Original Work: Haruki Kuō, konomi’
Director: Satoru Ono, Naoki Matsuura
Series Script: Momoko Toyoda
Character Design: Yumi Nakamura
Color Key Artist: Aya Aburagi
Art Director: Ji Woo Park
Technical Director: Baek Ryun Chae
Editor: Keisuke Yanagi
Sound Director: Ryousuke Naya
Music Composer: Kuniyuki Takahashi, Keiichi Hirokawa
Music Producer: CyberAgent
Anime Production: Geek Toys

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