Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is Available Now


It’s finally here, Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud is available now globally, for iOS and Android devices!

Unravel the history of Girls’ Frontline, in this spin-off prequel to Girls’ Frontline. In the year 2063, you take on the role of a commander working for the Griffin & Kryuger Private Military Company, tasked with investigating the Neural Cloud project that was supposed to back up a Doll’s consciousness into the cloud

However, a catastrophic accident left the dolls scattered throughout the Magrasea. It’s up to you to bring them back in this roguelike approach to auto-chess. Enjoy a ton of release bonuses and log-in rewards when you start the game today!

The game servers will officially be opened on November 21, 03:00 [UTC-8]. Instead of downloading the game when the servers open, you can pre-download it here!

GFL NC Launch002

Neural Cloud Release Bonus

The game is giving out a ton of log-in bonuses to celebrate the game’s release, and will also be handing out its pre-registration rewards! pick up the 3-Star character Willow on day 2 of your login, and up to 54 Advanced Search Commands, pick a free character along with a mysterious gift on Day 7 of your login!

Neural Cloud

Neural Cloud Worldview

A prequel to Girls’ Frontline. In this world, an unprecedented threat aims to end the existence of Dolls. To save themselves the Dolls flee and travel in search of some form of salvation.

Several dolls were selected to participate in a project called the Neural Cloud, with you as the head professor of the project. An accident in the project causes the dolls to wake up three years later in an unknown virtual world, where they seek to find a way out to return to the real world.

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neural cloud CBT registration 00 3

Neural Cloud Gameplay

Neural Cloud is a strategy RPG, where players place Dolls on a Hexagonal grid to fight enemies that teleport into the stage. Positioning, character composition, and use of your abilities will help spell victory, as you traverse the neural cloud in this dungeon-crawling game with rogue-like features.

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