Spy x Family Gets Anime Film Adaptation! Anime Season 2 Coming in 2023!


At today’s Jump Festa 2023, the Spy x Family stage event has confirmed that the anime series is getting an anime film adaptation.

To celebrate the announcement, a new illustration by the manga author Tatsuya Endo was revealed. Endo is credited as the original work of the anime film and he will also be supervising and designing the characters of the original movie project.

Spy x Family Gets Anime Film Adaptation! Anime Season 2 Coming in 2023!

The anime’s season 2 is also set to debut in 2023. A musical is also coming in 2023, among other collaborations. Tatsuya Endo sent a message to the fans saying that he is surprised by seeing his characters everywhere.

The first season of Spy x Family premiered in April with its first cour aired in the Spring of 2022 anime season and the second throughout the fall of the same year. WIT Studio and Cloverworks are animating the series under Kazuhiro Furuhashi’s direction. The first season is slated for a total of 25 episodes and the final one is premiering next week.

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Spy x Family Anime Story

The series follows the story of Loid Forger, a spy who disguises himself as a psychiatrist with his code name Twilight. As he is required to form a family in a mission, creates a family via fake marriage with his wife Yor who is an assassin, and his daughter Anya who has the superpower to read others’ minds. It is a spy comedy depicting their struggles to maintain the balance between family life and dangerous missions.

Spy x Family Anime Staff and Production

Original Work: Tatsuya Endo
Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Character Design: Kazuaki Shimada
Chief Animation Director: Kazuaki Shimada, Kyoji Asano
Assistant Director: Takashi Katagiri, Kenji Takahashi, Takahiro Harada
Color design: Ken Hashimoto
Art Setting: Yuho Taniuchi, Tomomi Sugimoto, Shigeru Kinpei
Art Directors: Kazuo Nagai, Hisayo Usui
3DCG Director: Kana Imagaki
Cinematographer: Akane Fushihara
Deputy Cinematographer: Yuya Sakuma
Editor: Akari Saito
Sound Director: Shoji Hata
Sound effects: Noriko Izumo
Music Produce: (K) NoW_NAME
Production: WIT STUDIO x CloverWorks

Spy x Family Part 2 Cast

■ Loid Forger/ Twilight- CV: Takuya Eguchi
■ Anya Forger – CV: Atsumi Tanezaki
■ Yor Forger – CV: Saori Hayami
■ Franky Franklin – CV: Kazuhiro Yamaji
■ Sylvia Sherwood – CV: Yūko Kaida 
■ Henry Henderson – CV: Kazuhiro Yamaji
■ Yuri Briar – CV: Kensho Ono
■ Damian Desmond: – CV: Natsumi Fujiwara 
■ Becky Blackwell – CV: Emiri Katou 
■ Hiroki Takahashi – CV: Keith Kepler

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