Limbus Company Release Date Confirmed on February 27


Project Moon’s latest entry in the Lobotomy Corporation Series, Limbus Company, has a confirmed worldwide release date on February 27, 2023. Having previously released Library of Ruina, the latest entry by Project Moon will be their first foray into the mobile market.

In an announcement made in November, the director of Limbus Company, Kim JiHoon posted on Twitter that the game’s release date would be postponed to February from the previous date of December 23, 2022. The developers have since gained a foothold on the previously mentioned issues described as “the cross-implementation on mobile and PC environments,” alongside problems related to the micro-transactions said to be implemented in the game.

Project Moon started to post gameplay previews of the title as well, going into the combat system one can expect when the game releases.

Limbus Company Gameplay

Limbus Company is a mobile and PC RPG and the third game in Project Moon’s line of games, based on the world of Lobotomy Corporation. Set in the far-flung future where the eponymous Lobotomy Corporation has been dissolved, effectively continuing the story where it left itself off in the Library of Ruina, albeit from a different perspective.

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The game begins with you taking the role of the Caretaker, a warden leading multiple prisoners known as Sinners across The City, a complex segmented into 26 districts, each with completely different morals, values, and cultures. As the commanding officer to the Sinners, you are tasked with attempting to contain and destroy the abnormalities left in the wake of the events of the previous two titles.

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Direct Sinners to fight enemies in turn-based combat, chaining together links and commands in a sort of Match-3, finger-swiping puzzle gameplay. Execute vicious attacks, and abilities, and dismantle bosses limb by limb to take back the city before mass hysteria breaks out.

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