Theseus Protocol Deck-Building Roguelike is Now Available in Early Access


Theseus Protocol, a deck-building roguelike game in a similar vein to something like Slay the Spire, is officially available now in early access on Steam!

The developers released a new trailer giving us a glimpse of the game in action with the various cards, and two of the playable characters in action. It should be noted that the game’s trailer uses a previous version of the game, and the visuals in the current release look better with improved visuals and sound!

Theseus Protocol is a deckbuilding game where you travel through a cyberpunk future in search of answers. As you run through the different nodes you’ll encounter difficult enemies, shops, and more, collecting cards to build up your arsenal of deadly attacks and defensive options.

Theseus Protocol launches for PC via Steam on January 17.

Theseus Protocol Official Trailer

About Theseus Protocol

As a roguelike deck builder, you will be traveling through the city streets encountering a variety of enemies and doing combat with the deck. The starting deck you have depends on one of three characters you choose from the start, and the card in the deck represents an action whether it be attacking, buffs, debuffs, etc.

During each turn, you can use action points to use a card. Once you run out of action points the enemy will retaliate until either you or the enemy falls.You can prepare your actions accordingly as before each enemy attack, you’ll be able to see exactly what the enemy will do, letting you think on the spot with your hand of randomly-drawn cards.

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Like with any roguelike, each playthrough can be completely different as you’ll encounter several scenarios where you can pick up buffs, new cards, and abilities at random. Cards can also be exhausted to charge up your character’s unique weapon, allowing you to instantly deal damage whenever you want.

Weapons can also be upgraded using tokens chips after completing, or failing a run, letting you come back out against your enemies with unique effects like getting a shield every turn, or dealing increased damage based on certain conditions.

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