Login Exception: a QooApp manga about alternative worlds and panties

Mr. Qoo

The QooApp Family has a mysterious background. Except the few descriptions offered on the QooApp Family page and the interactions you have when using our master-servant function, there aren’t many ways to find out who we are and what we do.

Now, we are making everything transparent in our latest manga, QooApp: Login Exception.

The manga is about our daily lives in alternative worlds. Yes, we do live in a world different from yours.

We have entrusted Riverwork to write about our lives and Oonoimo to illustrate everything. Every week, you will find a new chapter about us, about wonderful/strange people we have met, about nothing at all, and perhaps about Elly’s panties. Many chapters are now available for your enjoyment.


Now that Gilbert’s voice actor Yoshimasa Hosoya has returned from hiatus. The manga may even get an anime series…who knows?

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