Gundam Evolution: Season 3 Rolls Out New Playable Hyperion Gundam


Bandai Namco’s very own Mobile Suit team-based multiplayer FPS, Gundam Evolution is gearing up for its third season with a bang by adding Hyperion Gundam into the mix!

Titled Season 3: Defencer, the addition of Hyperion also coincides with the kickstart of what the developers have described as a “HYPER UPDATE” period for the game. Wherein a three-month-long sprint, the game will be seeing additional playable units and add content to the game every month.

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In the “Gundam Evolution Mission Briefing LIVE vol.2” official live program on January 29, the developers revealed more info on the details of the season 3 update alongside addressing some community feedback.

Gundam Evolution Season 3 Defencer Trailer

Push the Frontlines with Hyperion Gundam!

The latest addition to the roster of Gundam Evolution, Hyperion Gundam is set as a 3-Star difficulty Mid-Range MS with 900 HP and 1 dash limit. What the Hyperion lacks in speed and HP, it makes up for with its powerful defensive abilities.

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QooApp Article GundamEvolutionHyperionUpdate officialrender 1

Outside of being able to fire its main weapon while holding up a shield just like units like the GM, Hyperion can activate its active skill, “Armure Lumiere”. Not only does this barrier protect itself from fire, but its large range also allows it to provide cover for other team members should they get inside the barrier. What’s more, shots fired from within the barrier pass through freely, allowing your team to push objectives more effectively!

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The shoulder units can also be used offensively, as Hyperion’s “Forfanterie” Beam Cannons flare out to fire powerful energy shots that pierce enemy units.

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Hyperion Gundam’s G-maneuver is the “Armure Lumiere Lancer”, which sends the mobile suit rocketing forward while emitting its lightwave barriers! Any enemy unfortunate enough to get caught is pinned to the charging Hyperion and is briefly stunned. Use it to power through tight spots, or break through enemy defenses!

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Login Bonuses, Season Pass, and Unit Packs to Come

With the drop of Gundam Evolution’s Season 3 update, players can redeem up to 600 Material Points (MP) and 7 Supply Pod Tickets just by logging on to the game. Alongside this, the season pass for the game will be updated, now featuring skins for Hyperion Gundam and more in the Premium Pass!

QooApp Article GundamEvolutionHyperionUpdate season3pass

A separate unit pack called “Defencer” can also be purchased from the in-game store, which will instantly unlock Hyperion Gundam, on top of a unit skin, weapon skin, and profile portrait. The unit pack can be bought for 1980 EC, and will be on sale from February 2 to April 6!

QooApp Article GundamEvolutionHyperionUpdate unitpackdefencer

The in-game shop’s MP tradeable items will be updated to include two new extra skins redeemable with points collectible by playing matches.

QooApp Article GundamEvolutionHyperionUpdate mpskin 2
Hyperion Gundam Unit 2 Color Skin
QooApp Article GundamEvolutionHyperionUpdate mpskin 1
Zaku II [Melee] Garma Zabi Color Skin

Season 3: Defencer arrives on Gundam Evolution begins on February 1, 2023. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and on PC via Steam.

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