Uma Musume 2nd Anniversary Unveils New Visual, More Horse Girls, and Up to 120 Free Pulls


Cygames’ Uma Musume Pretty Derby mobile game has revealed the latest information and future updates in its official Paka Live Vol. 26 broadcast program, which was streamed on February 22. The broadcast celebrated the mobile game’s second anniversary, detailing all the campaigns players can expect on this momentous occasion.

KV 2nd Anniversary 2cut 1

The key visual for the Uma Musume Pretty Derby will also be renewed. You can see new Uma Musume such as Jungle Pocket, Katsuragi Ace, Neo Universe, Tap Dance City, and Narita Top Road.

750 Jewels, 20 Alarm Clocks, and 60 Motivation Sweets were sent to all players’ gift boxes to celebrate the broadcast. Don’t forget to collect them from your gift box until March 23, 2023!

“Grand Masters To the Inheritor” Training Scenario

A new training scenario “Grand Masters: To the Inheritor” will be added on February 24. A brand-new PV teasing this scenario has been posted to the Uma Musume YouTube channel, viewable below:

KV 2nd Anniversary training scenario

Six New Uma Musume is Coming!

Alongside the addition of the new scenario above, six new Uma Musume will soon make their in-game debut. Their profiles are as follows:

■ Godolphin Arabian – CV: Satomi Sato


■ Godolphin Arabian – CV: Natsumi Fujiwara


■ Jungle Pocket – CV: Yuri Fujimoto


■ Darley Arabian – CV: Naomi Shindo


■ Godolphin Arabian – CV: Mitsuki Saiga


■ Mejiro Ramonu – CV: Nao Tōyama

NewChara Mejiro Ramonu

Three other Uma Musume were also revealed, but their CVs have not been revealed yet. They will debut at a later date.

■ Hishi Miracle

NewChara Hishi Miracle 2

■ Neo Universe

NewChara Neo Universe 2

■ Tap Dance City

NewChara Tap Dance City 2

Uma Musume 2nd Anniversary Gacha

The Uma Musume 2nd Anniversary gacha will feature Mr. C.B. and Twin Turbo. Several support cards will also appear in the 2nd Anniversary Support Card Gacha!

■ 1★ [Blast! Turbo Engine] Twin Turbo

uma musume 2nd anniversary feb 22 gacha 1

■ 3★ [Clear Bliss] Mr. C.B.

uma musume 2nd anniversary feb 22 gacha 2

■ SSR [Brilliant] Mejiro Ramone

uma musume 2nd anniversary feb 22 gacha 7

■ SR [Softly & Lightly] Mejiro Dobel

uma musume 2nd anniversary feb 22 gacha 5

■ SR [After-School Laughs] Simbolirdorf

uma musume 2nd anniversary feb 22 gacha 6

■ SR [Wonderful Sweetness] Agnes Tachyon

uma musume 2nd anniversary feb 22 gacha 3

■ SR [Dead End] Jungle Pocket

uma musume 2nd anniversary feb 22 gacha 4

Uma Musume 2nd Anniversary Campaigns

Several campaigns to celebrate the mobile game’s 2nd anniversary were revealed. These include free pulls, special missions, and Jewel Packs. If you were looking to start Pretty Derby, now’s a pretty good time to do so!

■ 2nd Anniversary Special Missions
Clear missions and get luxurious rewards such as Jewels, rainbow crystal pieces, and gacha tickets!

2nd anniversary uma musume feb 22 2

■ 2nd Anniversary Up-to-120 Free Gacha
From February 24 to March 8, a Free Gacha will be available! During this period, you can do tenfold pulls of the eligible support card gacha once a day for free every day!

2nd anniversary uma musume feb 22 3 2

■ 2nd Anniversary Jewel Packs
Special commemorative packs will be available through the in-game shop. These will include SSR guaranteed and 3-star support guaranteed tickets alongside Jewels.

Furthermore, a special package where you can get 7500 Jewels for a reduced price will be available. You can obtain this pack up to 3 times. The Shop’s lineup has also been vastly updated.

2nd anniversary uma musume feb 22 4 1
2nd anniversary uma musume feb 22 5 1
2nd anniversary uma musume feb 22 1 1

New Features Coming to Uma Musume Pretty Derby!

A new feature will be added to the game soon, which allows trainers to evolve their Uma Musume skills and make them stronger, once certain conditions are met. Even the same skill can change depending on the Uma Musume’s evolution.

2nd anniversary uma musume feb 22 14454
2nd anniversary uma musume feb 22 14455

“Leap into a New World” Story Event

A new story event, Leap into a New World, will be available from February 24 to March 10!

A new pamphlet for Toresen Gakuen is to be created by the students. With the concept of “lively students” in mind, various Uma Musume scrambles around the school to gather materials for the pamphlet. Eventually, all the materials gathered came together in one thought… The curtain rises and the time has come. Now is the time to dive into the expanding new world.

Logo Storyevent

By clearing this event, you can earn the Event-Limited SSR Support Card [Raise the Burning Lamp] Katsuragi Ace!


“Factor Research of Agnes Tachyon” Event

Starting in mid-March 2023, a new event “Factor Research of Agnes Tachyon” will be held! During the event, you can strengthen the factors of your Hall of Fame horse girls by taking research with Agnes Tachyon!

Logo Agness factor research

New Figures

BANDAI SPIRITS/S.H.Figuarts Oguri Cap

The S.H.Figuarts Oguri Cap will be released around July 2023 and will be available for pre-order in Premium Bandai from February 24.

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Bandai Spirits/S.H.Figuarts Tamamo Cross

The S.H.Figuarts Tamamo Cross will be released around August 2023 and will be available for pre-order in Premium Bandai from February 24.

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Phat! Company/1/7 Scale Figure Twin Turbo

The 1/7 Scale Figure Twin Turbo is scheduled to be released from Phat! Company around May 2023 and will start accepting reservations from February 28.

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The CD jacket of Uma Musume Pretty Derby WINNING LIVE 11, scheduled to be released on March 29, 2023, has also been released. The CD will include the 2nd Anniversary song “DRAMATIC JOURNEY” and the new scenario song “Everlasting BEATS”.

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