Tekken 8 Showcases Jin Kazama’s Lightning-Fast Moves in His Gameplay Trailer


Jin Kazama is ready to take on the world as the new gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 features the Mishima Zaibatsu heir showing off his lightning-fast moves and aerial attacks that are sure to electrify players.

With his unique fighting style, Jin Kazama unleashes his formidable mix of traditional karate, street fighting, and Mishima-style fighting techniques to dominate his opponents. The trailer showcases Jin’s newly reanimated classic attacks and a range of new moves that highlight his agility and mastery of the art of combat.

Players can look forward to experiencing the thrill of unleashing Jin’s impressive combos and devastating finishers when Tekken 8 finally launches on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, even though the release date remains unknown.

Continue the Story of Jin Kazama in Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is an upcoming 3D fighting game and a direct sequel to Tekken 7, continuing after that game’s story as Jin Kazama gets ready for the final battle against his father Kazuya Mishima to once and for all end the Mishima bloodline. The game builds on Jin’s relationship with his family, his mother Jun Kazama, and finally comes to terms with his Devil gene power.

QooApp Tekken 8 Jin Kazama 1
QooApp Tekken 8 Jin Kazama 2

Fight against AI or human opponents along a 3D stage in this 4-button fighting game that’s been around since 1994, with several characters and the series’ staple juggling mechanics, and an emphasis on movement.

QooApp Tekken 8 Jin Kazama 3
QooApp Tekken 8 Jin Kazama 4

Tekken 8 also has a new gameplay mechanic called the Heat mechanic, letting you cancel out of certain attacks or activate them from neutral to power up your character, granting your attacks new properties, new movement options, and the ability to follow up on attacks as combo extensions. The game’s built from the ground up with re-rendered character animations and new voice lines for its characters.

QooApp Tekken 8 Jin Kazama 5
QooApp Tekken 8 Jin Kazama 6

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