Touhou New World Launches for Switch Globally on July 13


Marveous’ Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an alternative world / Touhou New World officially has a release date in Japan and worldwide, and it’s coming for the Nintendo Switch first on July 13, and coming a day later on PC, PS4, and PS5 on July 14.

The game also released a new trailer detailing most of the game’s features, from combat, its two playable characters, the world, shop, upgrades, the plethora of bosses you’ll encounter, the custom spell function, and a secret surprise to help you Take it Easy!

Touhou New World Trailer

Touhou New World Gameplay

Tohou New World is a new Danmaku (bullet hell) action RPG coming to consoles and switch, and as you’d expect it takes place once again in Gensokyo, the land where humans and Youkai can coexist, but as always there’s trouble brewing on the horizon!

Touhou New World
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 08
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 07

As you explore Gensokyo you’ll meet a variety of characters from the Touhou series, and with that being the case you’ll be able to play the game with one of two characters, as you can pick between either Reimu Hakurei or Marisa Kirisame, both with unique spells and skills at their disposal!

Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 09
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 010
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 011

As you progress through the game you’ll unlock new spells and skills to fire off at your enemies, and you can equip up to 4 spells at a time, binding them to four buttons to use anytime during combat. Spells don’t cost mana to use but run off a cooldown timer, with each spell having varying levels of strength and cooldowns, so think of your spell build properly to make sure you don’t have to keep waiting on attacks!

Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 012
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 013

The game will also of course feature epic boss battles, with over 40 bosses appearing in the game on launch, each with their own special flavor of bullet hell for you to engage in.

Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 014
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 015

As you progress through the game you can also explore the various areas of Gensokyo, getting a better idea of this world and its rich economy and people, while also being able to purchase upgrades to your characters, increasing their stats in various ways.

Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 016
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 017

And lastly, if you play enough, you might run across a familiar face…

Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 021

Touhou New World Special Edition

The game’s also being sold as a limited special edition physically, where purchasing the game gets you a special box, the game, an arranged soundtrack, and also character art! And if you’re lucky, you can also get the Marvelous Shop Special pack, which also comes with a B2 blanket and an acrylic figure of Yakumo!

Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 019
Touhou Shinsekai Launch Date 020

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