Go-Go Town! is a Town-Building Simulation Game Coming in 2024


Prideful Sloth announced its latest title Go-Go Town!, a colorful town-building simulation game where you take on the role of a mayor in charge of a town revitalization project.

Work your own hours, be your own boss as the mayor of Go-Go Town, as you learn what it takes to be the mayor by building and repairing buildings using a variety of tools, decorating the town, putting up new shops, and managing the town’s infrastructure to make sure everything runs smoothly!

Go-Go Town! will be playable on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in 2024.

Go-Go Town! Announce Trailer

Go-Go Town! Gameplay

Go-Go Town has you taking the role of a mayor in the titular town, with it being up to you to revitalize the town with new buildings, and improved infrastructure. You’ll be getting your hands dirty as you single-handedly transform your once-quiet town into a bustling hot zone of activities and fun!

As the mayor, you’ll be able to terraform the land and use power tools of all kinds such as Chainsaws, drills, trimmers, leaf blowers, fire hoses, and more to cut down trees and transform green fields into new facilities. You can make a farm to create more local produce to reduce costs for your town and supply its restauranteurs with ingredients.

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You can also create support structures for your power tools to help you carry them across town, such as vehicles, wood chippers, and backpacks to help make moving large chunks of resources around town a breeze.

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As you open up more space for your town, new facilities and shops can be introduced, such as an arcade with various games and neon lights! When building these locations you can also consider what kind of stores would go great with it. Wouldn’t a burger joint be a perfect fit next to an arcade, or somewhere to buy some ice cream after having so much fun?

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As your town grows, word of your good deeds will soon spread, and more people will visit the town meaning more income, but even more, people to manage! Think of a variety of activities and local resting spots to please your new visitors, and they may even want to stay.

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