Life Makeover Global Version Launches Today


Archosaur Games officially launches the global version of the 3D dress-up simulator Life Makeover for iOS and Android. Following its successful release in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan throughout 2022, the game has now opened its highly customizable, fashion-forward world to players worldwide.

This announcement comes on the heels of over 4 million pre-registrations from America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, resulting in full rewards unlocked. The game supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

QooApp Life Makeover Global 01

Life Makeover Launch Trailer

Life Makeover Gameplay

Life Makeover is a unique blend of 3D dress-up simulation and immersive RPG elements. It initially garnered attention with its regional releases in July and December 2022, quickly climbing the ranks to achieve the number 1 spot for free games in China, Japan, and Singapore.

QooApp Life Makeover Global 02

In Life Makeover, players are offered an impressive level of control over their gaming experience. They can craft an avatar in their own likeness or let their imaginations run wild, customizing everything from body type and face contouring to eye shape, color, makeup, and height. Beyond personal avatars, the game also allows players to design outfits and decorate homes, providing a comprehensive lifestyle experience within the game.

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The home system offers players the chance to construct their dream abode, with customization options ranging from the foundational layout to the decor in each room. Social interaction is a key aspect of the game as players can invite friends to their homes for various events, fostering a dynamic and engaging community.

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The game’s dress-up system caters to a wide range of fashion preferences, boasting thousands of outfit options. Whether it’s high-end couture or casual vintage, players can dress their avatars to fit any occasion. Furthermore, the game encourages creativity by allowing players to design their own clothing pieces, adding a unique touch to the game’s existing fashion library. Powered by UE4, this feature showcases the players’ creations in stunning detail.

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