PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 Update Brings Ghost in the Shell and Sonic Collab in June


The second large-scale version update of Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis/ PSO2 New Genesis has unveiled details in its latest “NGS Headline” live stream program, which promises to include a bunch of new content, features, and an exciting collaboration with Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 and Sonic the Hedgehog in June.

The highlight of the updates includes Creative Space, a new feature that allows players to customize their in-game environment on an unprecedented scale. Simultaneous with the launch of this feature, Chapter 6, Part 1 of the game’s main story will also be introduced on June 7.

PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 Official Trailer

Creative Space

The Creative Space is an evolutionary leap from the Personal Quarters of the original Phantasy Star Online 2. This feature is a customizable island that players can freely decorate using various Build Parts.

Phantasy Star Online 2

These items, exchangeable with the game’s new Genesis Points or obtainable through AC Scratches, can be used to construct buildings or change the terrain to create mountains, valleys, and unique landscapes. The Build Parts set, featuring resort-themed items like pools and parasols, will be available at the AC Shop for 580 AC starting June 7.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 2

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 3

As part of a new collab, a Sonic-themed Build Parts pack will also be available at the AC Shop and various other stores for 990 AC, featuring Sonic character costumes, a 15-day Premium Set ticket, and other consumable items.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 4

New Story Chapter and Classes Skills

In the main story, Chapter 6, Part 1, will be released with the PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 update. This chapter picks up after the pivotal battle on Leciel, where Zephetto revealed crucial information. As new threats arise, Crawford begins formulating strategies with leaders from each region. The protagonist and Aina will undertake new missions to prepare for upcoming battles.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 5

In conjunction with the launch of the sixth chapter, considerable adjustments have been introduced to streamline the progression through chapter five of the main storyline.

These enhancements are focused on providing a more user-friendly gaming experience, which includes the removal of damage attenuation and battle power prerequisites for undertaking Main Quests. The levels of the adversaries encountered have also been significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the PSO2 New Genesis Ver. 2 updates will see a considerable increase in the total experience points garnered, with a recalibrated distribution between main task rewards and guidance side tasks.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 6

To be ready for impending battles, each class will receive an additional class skill in the update. These new skills are designed to amplify the unique traits of each class, thus broadening the strategic options available to players. Alongside these enhancements, balance adjustments will also be made across all classes.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 7

Portable Holograms & Cel Shading

The update will introduce Portable Holograms, a new communication feature that enhances player interaction. Holograms can be placed at each ARC’s base or in open fields as per player preference. However, placement is subject to cost restrictions, and holograms will automatically vanish when the character moves a certain distance away or logs out. There are three varieties of holograms: objects, effects, and paint, with paint capable of decorating floors and walls. Additional hologram variations can be won as AC scratch ticket prizes.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 8

The option to enable cel shading for characters will be available after the update. You can modify settings such as outline emphasis and shadow density to achieve your desired look. This display setting is exclusive to NGS and does not apply to PSO2 blocks.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 9

Several other new features are coming with the update, including an easy photo mode for effortless character snapshots, and the ability to adjust garment dimensions around the waist area. The introduction of the learn class skill window upon completing a cocoon or tower will allow for on-the-spot skill point allocation. Additionally, skill points can now be reallocated at any time via the class counters.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 10

A significant change to the game data size will also be introduced, with the data for PSO2 changed to free DLC for the Xbox One, MS Store, Steam, and Epic Games versions of NGS starting from the June 7 update. This change already applies to the PlayStation 4 version. If you wish to access PSO2 blocks or play music discs requiring PSO2 data, you’ll need to download the content from your platform’s store.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 11

New Enemies and Weapon Series

A new enemy type, the Starless, will arrive on June 14. Accompanying their introduction are Nine-star rarity weapons, which will be available in the Elio region from level 70 enemies and above. Players can also anticipate an increased level cap of 75 for all classes and the introduction of new gameplay elements across different sectors.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 12

The Starless will drop a new augment, Starl Soul, enhancing the game’s exchange shop with the addition of the Giga Strugment exchange. This exchange allows players to trade in Gigastrugments for useful items such as Photon chunk 2A and 2B.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 13

The levels of Gigantics in exploration sectors are being elevated to level 79, with Elio also experiencing the onset of Starless Gigantics. Starting June 14, certain quests will only be available as triggered quests from the quest counter.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 14

New Scratch Tickets

New Scratch Tickets will be released throughout June. The Refined Form June ’23 SG Scratch Ticket will feature updated base Phantasy Star Online 2 items with New Genesis specifications, and the Designer Dreams June ’23 AC Scratch Ticket will introduce the second set of items from the Phantasy Star Online 2 10th Anniversary Item Design Contest.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 15

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 16

Starting June 14, two new AC scratch tickets will be available. The “AC Support Items Select June 2023” ticket will introduce advanced XD-type augments for boosting offensive stats. The “Accessory Collection June 2023” ticket will offer a selection of popular PSO2 spec accessories. The NGS Season 21 mission pass will also feature unique new accessories and motion change items.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 17

Additionally, the “Spiritual Conflict” AC scratch ticket will provide new Angel and Demon-themed wearables and unique motion change items. A special bonus from this ticket will present an updated version of the ‘leg wheels’ motion change item.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 18

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis x Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Collab

The game will hold a collaboration event with the anime series Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, starting June 28. The collab event will include a special Scratch Ticket offering outfits inspired by characters Motoko Kusanagi and Batō, along with a range of collab items like Emotes, Motion Changes, Mags, and Weapon Camos. A Tribute Login Bonus will also reward players for daily logins during the event.

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 19

QooApp PSO2 New Genesis Ver.2 20

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – NGS Headline (5/30/2023)

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