Mega Man X DiVE Offline Announced for PC and Smartphones


The June 2023 Capcom Showcase has revealed Mega Man X DiVE Offline for iOS, Android, and PC via Steam and it will launch later in 2023. The game is exactly what it sounds like — an offline version of the game that is already available on PC and mobile.

While the game’s Japanese version, known as Rockman X Dive, will end services this September, the US and EU servers for the game will remain online. Unfortunately, user data from the current game cannot be transferred to Mega Man X DiVE Offline.

Mega Man X DiVE Offline Announcement Trailer

Mega Man X DiVE Offline Gameplay

The plot finds its roots in the realm of the Cyberworld region of Deep Log, where data from various games is stored. When an unknown bug corrupts the Mega Man X game data, players are called to action. With the guidance of RiCO, a spontaneously emerged Navigator, players “DiVE” into the world of Deep Log to debug the situation. Players will control Hunter Programs based on X, Zero, and other Hunters to vanquish Maverick data and restore the game.

QooApp Mega Man X DiVE Offline 1

QooApp Mega Man X DiVE Offline 2

The cast of characters is drawn from the franchise’s rich legacy. X, a member of the 17th Elite Unit of the Maverick Hunters, possesses untapped potential. Zero, X’s steadfast comrade, brings a resolute demeanor. Alia, the analytical Navigator, Axl, the new-gen Reploid, Vile, the violently unpredictable ex-hunter, Iris, who harbors feelings for Zero, and Sigma, the formidable former leader of X’s 17th Elite Unit with a dangerous ambition to create a utopia for Reploid-kind, all add it to the roster.

QooApp Mega Man X DiVE Offline 3

QooApp Mega Man X DiVE Offline 4

In Mega Man X DiVE Offline, players can upgrade weapons and armor, improving skills, defense, HP, and more. A once-per-stage super attack, DiVE Trigger, can be leveled up using exclusive materials.

The game also offers a Story Mode for narrative progression, a Challenge Mode for tackling difficult stages and time attacks, and an Event Mode that features stages from Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Legends, and other games. The Event Mode rewards players with character-data fragments and other level-up items, providing substantial character development opportunities.

QooApp Mega Man X DiVE Offline 5

QooApp Mega Man X DiVE Offline 6

QooApp Mega Man X DiVE Offline 7

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