Tower of Fantasy Ver.3.0 Update “Domain 9 Sector” Arrives on June 27


The Ver.3.0 Update Domain 9 Sector will officially arrive at Tower of Fantasy on June 27 with a variety of content, a new area, and new characters from the Fire State. Developer Level Infinite also revealed a new trailer previewing Domain 9 Sector, one of the four major areas within the new map.

This area, known as Fire State, is a location isolated from the outside world since ancient times, teeming with its own unique civilization and technology. Laden with stunning autumn leaves, grandiose castle walls, and an endless sea of clouds, Fire State will provide a fertile ground for new adventures and encounters with distinctive characters and creatures native to Domain 9 Sector.

Along with the new area, an array of new exploration elements, treasures, and features specific to this isolated spatiotemporal domain will also be available, in addition to new characters and monsters.

Tower of Fantasy Ver.3.0 Domain 9 Sector

In this update, a story set in the mysterious “Domain 9 Sector” will begin. Domain 9 has been isolated from the outside world from ancient times to the present, the people inside could not get out, and the people outside did not know its existence. Through long periods of solitude, they have created their own civilization and scientific technology, forming Domain 9 as a vast, independent Utopia.

This time, one of the areas of Domain 9, Fire State, will be opened. Wanderers will step into this fantastic new world floating on a sea of clouds and unfold new adventures.

QooApp Tower of Fantasy V3.0 01

Beautifully colored autumn leaves, grand castle walls built along ridges, and an endless sea of clouds… A world unlike any seen before unfolds. In this independent spacetime of Domain 9, people have built their own civilization and live their lives. Therefore, this place is different from any place the Wanderers have visited so far. A series of new characters with unique personalities grown in this spacetime will appear one after another. In particular, the new characters appearing in “Fire State” have the highest level of abilities in battle within Domain 9.

QooApp Tower of Fantasy V3.0 02

In addition, the creatures of this spacetime have their own unique appearance, structure, and special abilities, setting the stage for engaging encounters with new monsters.

To facilitate the exploration of “Fire State”, a new device for quickly climbing steep mountains will be introduced. New exploration points unique to Domain 9 and new vehicles will also be added with Ver.3.0.

QooApp Tower of Fantasy V3.0 03

QooApp Tower of Fantasy V3.0 04

Tower of Fantasy Ver.3.0 Live-Stream

In commemoration of the update, an official live broadcast, Tower of Fantasy Ver.3.0 ‘Domain 9 Sector’ Commemorative Broadcast, will air on June 21, 2023

The event will feature a variety of guest hosts who will intersperse their talk with live gameplay. Also providing detailed introductions to the new map, content, characters, and various additional elements that will debut in version 3.0.

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