Good Night World Gets Anime Series on Netflix on October 12


Uru Okabe’s fantasy manga series Good Night World is getting an anime adaptation that is set to debut exclusively on Netflix on October 12. The anime series, produced by studio NAZ, has also unveiled its main cast, theme songs, and key visual.

QooApp Good Night World KV

Katsuya Kikuchi serves as the series director, with a screenplay by Michiko Yokote. Character design is by Rena Okuyama, while Takatsugu Wakabayashi is in charge of the music.

Daisuke Hirose plays Taichirō Arima, known in-game as Ichi; Nobunaga Shimazaki plays Asuma Arima, nicknamed AAAAA; Akio Ōtsuka plays Kojirō Arima, nicknamed Shirō Akabane; and Aya Endo plays Sayaka Arima, nicknamed May. Other members of the cast include Aoi Yūki as Pico, Ryohei Kimura as Leon, Hiroki Nanami as Sasumata, Kenjiro Tsuda as Shigatera, Rie Takahashi as Hana Kamuro, and Inori Minase as Aya Arima.

The opening theme song “Black Crack” is performed by VTuber artist Kuzuha, and the ending theme song “salvia” is performed by VTuber vocal duo Nornis.

QooApp Good Night World 01
Cover art for the single ”Black Crack”.
QooApp Good Night World 02
Cover art for the single ”salvia”.

In celebration of the upcoming anime adaptation and the start of a new prequel manga, Good Night World End, all thirty episodes of the manga are currently available for free on the Manga ONE website until August 7.

QooApp Good Night World End

Uru Okabe originally released the manga via Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday platform in 2016, with the first volume hitting the shelves in April of the same year and the final, fifth volume being released in March 2017. Okabe will debut a prequel to the manga, Good Night World End, on the Manga ONE website, hosted by Shogakukan, on August 1.

Good Night World revolves around the Akabane Family, a team of four players considered the strongest in an online game named Planet. While the members are unaware of each other’s real identities within the game, they form a dysfunctional family in reality, comprised of a shut-in eldest son, a high-achieving second son, a disrespected father, and a neglectful mother. The plot delves into their battles against in-game monsters, conflicts with other guilds, and the strategies around the game’s ultimate target, the Black Bird. As the story progresses, the boundary between the virtual and real worlds starts to blur, affecting this real family.

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Good Night World Anime Characters

■ Taichirō Arima / Ichi – CV: Daisuke Hirose

A key member of the strongest group, the Akabane Family, in the online game Planet. In the real world, he’s a gaming addict who has been a recluse for six years due to an incident.

  • QooApp Good Night World C01
  • QooApp Good Night World C01 1

■ Asuma Arima / AAAAA – CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki

A member of the Akabane Family. He made his character and name casually. He has an excellent memory and is known as a walking database. In the real world, he is Taichirō’s younger brother and a top honors student.

  • QooApp Good Night World C02
  • QooApp Good Night World C02 1

■ Kojirō Arima / Shirō Akabane – CV: Akio Ōtsuka

The leader of the Akabane Family and a high-level player with overwhelming skills. In the real world, he is Taichirō’s father and a former engineer at Gleam, the world’s number one IT company, and the designer of Planet.

  • QooApp Good Night World C03
  • QooApp Good Night World C03 1

■ Sayaka Arima / May – CV: Aya Endo

A member of the Akabane Family. In the game, she mainly enjoys cooking and gardening. Her role in battles is recovery and enhancement. In the real world, she is Taichirō’s mother and a net-cafe recluse.

  • QooApp Good Night World C04
  • QooApp Good Night World C04 1

■ Pico – CV: Aoi Yūki

A long-standing player who has been playing Planet since the beginning and the master of the guild Pirate Crew, a gathering of rogues. She harbors special feelings for Ichi.

QooApp Good Night World C05

■ Leon – CV: Ryōhei Kimura

The master of Granada Company, the largest guild on the Planet with a total of 5,000 members, and the only ally guild of the Akabane Family. He is one of the oldest players and a fanatic of Planet.

QooApp Good Night World C06

■ Sasumata – CV: Hiroki Nanami

The sub-master of Granada Company. He is always with Leon.

QooApp Good Night World C07

■ Shigatera – CV: Kenjiro Tsuda

The sub-master of the Pirate Crew. He is calm and collected and has the deep trust of Captain Pico and the crew members.

QooApp Good Night World C08

■ Black Bird – CV: ???

The ultimate end content of Planet. It is a widely told urban legend, not documented in any database. Everyone was skeptical about its existence, but…

QooApp Good Night World C09

Good Night World Anime Staff & Production

Original Work: Good Night World by Uru Okabe (Serialized in Shogakukan’s Manga ONE)
Director: Katsuya Kikuchi
Series Composition/Screenplay: Michiko Yokote
Character Design: Rena Okuyama
Chief Animation Director: Rena Okuyama, Chinami Sekine, Haruka Sanefuji
Main Animator: Kazuo Takigawa, Shingo Nakamura
Monster Design: Kazuo Takigawa
Prop Design: Akira Otsuka
Art Design: Ryusuke Shiino
Color Design: Yukiko Ario
Animation Director: Yukie Kaneko
Director of Photography: Ryo Ito
CG Director: Kunihiko Mita
Music: Takatsugu Wakabayashi
Sound Director: Chikako Yokota
Sound Effects: Katsuhiro Nakajima
Editing: Rina Koguchi (Imagica EMS)
Producer: Yasuo Suda
Production Desk: Nobuo Takagi
Sound Production: Sonilude
Animation Production: NAZ

Good Night World Anime Cast

■ Taichirō Arima / Ichi – CV: Daisuke Hirose
■ Asuma Arima / AAAAA – CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki
■ Kojirō Arima / Shirō Akabane – CV: Akio Ōtsuka
■ Sayaka Arima / May – CV: Aya Endo
■ Pico – CV: Aoi Yūki
■ Leon – CV: Ryōhei Kimura
■ Sasumata – CV: Hiroki Nanami
■ Shigatera – CV: Kenjiro Tsuda
■ Hana Kamuro – CV: Rie Takahashi
■ Aya Arima – CV: Inori Minase

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