Yukar from the Abyss Officially Launches on PC and Mobile on August 22


Developer LocaGames announced that their latest fantasy otome game Yukar From The Abyss will leave early access and fully launch on PC via Steam and iOS devices on August 22, 2023. The announcement did not cover its release date for Android devices.

Initially slated to launch in late 2022, Yukar From The Abyss launched as an early access title for PC and iOS on November 15 of the same year. The full release was first planned to release in early 2023 but was announced to be delayed until now due to unforeseen circumstances. LocoGames has been offering the early access version at a discount and has clarified that those who opted early would get the full version of Yukar From the Abyss as a free update to the early access version.

Other changes to the full release will include Steam Achievements, new CGs, some changes and additions to Kyril and Moshirechik’s previously released routes, upgraded background art, improved controller support, Steam Deck compatibility, and much more! While the early access version only offered routes for two of the four available rosters, the full release will include playable routes for Li Huaisu, the God of the Kushiro marshland; and Pewrep, the young master of the mountain Gods!

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For those uninitiated, Yukar From The Abyss is a fantasy otome game based on the myths and legends of Hokkaido, Japan. Players will meet and fight alongside unique deities, overcome fierce trials together, and discover what happens when you pursue a forbidden love with those who are divine!

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Yukar From The Abyss Story

Players take on the role of Kurumi Oki, a young woman who has decided to leave the bustling city of Tokyo to slow down and move to Hokkaido for a calm lifestyle in the northern countryside.

One fateful night, on a train home, she dozes off only to realize that she had missed her stop. Panicked, she gets off the train, only to find herself in contact with supernatural beings of another realm. Without warning, she is captured by a young man. Her captor tells her that she had died and that he will take her to the underworld, where the dead rest.

Pursued by mysterious creatures, Kurumi unexpectedly opens the door to the world of the Gods, where she must overcome fierce trials, explore the new world she finds herself in, and perhaps even discover forbidden love with the Gods.

Yukar From the Abyss Available for Early Access on November 15 key

Yukar From The Abyss

Yukar From The Abyss Characters

■ Kurumi Oki (Re-nameable)


■ Kyril Sasayama – CV: Mizuki Yoshida


■ Li Huaisu – CV: Ryuu Aikawa

li huaisu

 Pewrep – CV: Souma Yamoto


■ Moshirechik – CV: Mizugi Alto


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