Goddess of Victory Nikke x NieR Automata Collab Begins on September 1!


Months after it was briefly teased at Nikke’s half-year anniversary, Goddess of Victory: Nikke will finally be starting its collaboration with NieR Automata on September 1!

Collaboration details are currently still sparse, however, the game’s special visual that announced the collab shows 2B, A2, and Pascal, suggesting that the free character players can unlock will be Pascal, and 2B and A2 will be available in the game’s gacha. A “First Reveal” trailer was also revealed, showing off some pretty impressive animation for the collab, with 2B fighting Rapi, and 9S even making a brief cameo at the end.

Stay tuned for more info as we near the collab’s start date!

Nikke X Nier Collab Trailer Cut

Goddess of Victory Nikke x NieR Automata Trailer

Goddess of Victory Nikke x NieR Automata Retweet Campaign

The game is also currently holding a retweet campaign to celebrate the collab’s announcement! Simply follow the game’s Twitter page, and retweet the post below for a chance to get a set of NieR Automata merchandise, including a NieR:Automata FORM-ISM figure of 2B, a keychain, and 3 a3 clear posters, or some Amazon Gift Cards.

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