Anime movie Genocidal Organ announced 3 TV anime titles

Mr. Qoo

Just a few months after its premiere in Japan, Geno Studio’s animation movie Genocidal Organ (虐殺器官) announced three TV anime titles for the series today (10th October).

The key visual for the first title, Title 01, has been released on the anime’s official site. The other two titles, Title 02 and Title 03, have no information ready at the moment.

The official title names and other details will be available at 18:00 on 16th October (GMT +9).

Genocidal Organ started off as a Japanese science fiction written by Project Itoh (伊藤 計劃) in 2007. Set in a world where Sarajevo was destroyed by a nuclear weapon, and developing countries suffered from genocides, The U.S. as a surveillance state has established a special force to gather info and tackle war crimes. One of the agents, Clavis Shepherd, is tasked with the job to track down the man who is responsible, John Paul, but at the same time he finds out about the secret Genocidal Organ during his search.

The animation movie was released in February this year.

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