NetEase Soft Launches Onmyoji English Version in Selected Countries!

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Just last week, on January 4th, NetEase soft launched the English version of their popular mobile RPG Onmyoji in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia.

The game took Asian countries by storm last year. The game topped charts in China, Japan, and Korea with over 200 million downloads to date as well as winning the Google Play 2017 Award for Most Competitive Game in China. The game will also launch on PC via Steam and Facebook Gameroom. Players will be able to seamlessly switch between mobile and PC.

Onmyoji features beautiful anime characters who are voiced by renowned voice actors/actresses including Rie Kugimiya and Jun Fukuyama. Players play as onmyoji in a world where humans and spirits live in balance.

The game features of PvE, PvP (both ai and real player), as well as several location-based events that players can tackle together alongside their friends and guildmates!

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