[Qoo News] Destiny Child St. Valentine’s Day Event Kicks Off!


Destiny Child’s St. Valentine’s Day chocolate event starts today (7th February)! Collect chocolates from the game every day to receive a new “Maid Mode” costume for Mayahuel (4★ マヤウェル) as the final reward!

Destiny Child

Similar to the previous events, players will have to collect 10 chocolates per day to exchange them for different rewards (as seen below. Completing the challenge for 14 days will reward players with the special Maid costume for Mayahuel. The event will last until 28th February, which gives players approximately 3 weeks to complete the 14-day challenge.


18020612111068▲ 4★ Mayahuel

18020612111265▲ Maid Mode Mayahuel

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