Mobile rhythm title Bang Dream! is releasing an English version

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Bushiroad’s hot mobile rhythm title Bang Dream! (バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ!) has confirmed an English version is in the making.

Bang Dream!

Bushiroad has entered into contract with Ambition, who is famed for developing the Bungo Stray Dogs mobile game, to release the English localisation version. Ambition will be responsible for translation and running it in unspecified “English speaking regions”.

No more concrete details are available now.

BanG Dream! is Bushiroad’s girl music group franchise that has also released an anime and a manga series. The music groups featured include “Poppin’ Party”, “Afterglow”, “Pastel*Palette”, “Roselia” and “Hello, Happy World!”. The mobile game is popular for having original songs specially created for the franchise as well as cover of iconic anisongs. The Japanese version is already downloadable on QooApp.

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