[Qoo News] Vespa’s King’s Raid Japanese Version Pre-Registration Begins!


Earlier this week on 5th March, Vespa announced that they will be releasing a Japanese version of their hit mobile RPG, Kings Raid. Asides from announcing the new Japanese version, Vespa also kicked off the pre-registration event for the new version.


King’s Raid (キングスレイド) is a mobile RPG where players buy their characters instead of getting them via a gacha. The game boasts incredible graphics and a somewhat real-time action combat which includes PvP as well as grand Raid Bosses.



In the upcoming Japanese version, All the characters will be re-dubbed by Japanese voice actors/actresses including Kaito Ishikawa (石川界人) and Ai Kakuma (加隈亜衣). Additionally, each character in the game will also have different costumes!


Pre-Registration Rewards

For pre-registration rewards, Vespa announced that when the 500,000 player pre-register for the game, all players will receive enough rubies for 10x Weapon summons!



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