[Qoo News] Japanese Destiny Child x Street Fighter Collaboration & World Boss Begins!


Today (14th March), the Japanese version of Korean mobile game, Destiny Child begins their collaboration with Capcom’s iconic fighting game, Street Fighter! Additionally, The first World Boss Trial has also begun!

Event Duration

14th – March – 29th March (Before Maintenance)

Destiny Child (JP) x Street Fighter Collaboration


In the collaboration, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li and Cammy will be introduced to Destiny Child! During the event, there will be a special collaboration Gacha where players can try their luck at a chance to get the collaboration characters. The summon rate for 5-star characters will also be raised from the original 1% to 3% with the new collaboration characters being on Pick Up.



World Boss Raid


This WHite Day, the first World Boss Raid event begins, participants will receive Shards of Demonic Mirror (魔鏡の欠片) which can be used to exchange for the new 5-star character Kepuri (ケプリ) and more!


White Day Specials

During the World Boss Raids, if players have the following two support characters in their team, they will receive bonuses!



Additionally, in celebration of White Day, bonus login rewards, and missions will be introduced to the game, rewarding players with all sorts of different bonuses.



PvP Event


In the PvP Rumble Shop, players will see new items including a 5-star guaranteed summon token which can be bought at the price of 250,000 medals! Players will also be able to purchase special event items.


Official Site

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