[AJ 2018] Cygames opens pre-registration for Uma Musume Pretty Derby mobile game


Cygames finally launched the pre-registration for the Uma Musume Pretty Derby (ウマ娘 プリティーダービー) mobile game in AnimeJapan 2018.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Although pre-registration is now open, the developer has yet to reveal the release date.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is Cygames’ mulutimedia project. This mobile game spin-off is a simulation title that combines breeding of the Uma Musume (horse girls) with racing and live performances. The TV anime adaption that focuses on the same characters will air in April.

TV Anime Trailers


Uma Musume is anther specie that has inhabited human’s world for a very long time. One of them, Special Week, transfers from her suburban hometown to the training centre academy in the city. There, she begins her exciting journey to becoming “The NO.1 Uma Musume of Japan”.


20,000: Carrot Stone Gacha x1
50,000: Carrot Stone Gacha x2
100,000: Carrot Stone Gacha x3
150,000: Carrot Stone Gacha x5
200,000: Carrot Stone Gacha x7
150,000: Carrot Stone Gacha x10

Official Site

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