Getting Started: Onmyoji Arena

Mr. Qoo

Onmyoji Arena is a mobile MOBA title based on NetEase’s mobile collectible RPG, Onmyoji (). The game allows players to collect their favorite shikigami’s from the RPG and summon them to compete against other players in teams of 5 in classic MOBA gameplay. Each character has their own 3D model and is fully voiced in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

onmyoji arena

<<Binding Account>>

Binding you account in Onmyoji Arena is incredibly easy. The fastest way to do it is when you first arrive at the starting screen after selecting your region. alternatively, you can bind your account after receiving all your initial pre-registration rewards and summoning your first shikigami.

Step 1: User page access from Starting Screen

Step 2

Step 3

Alternative access to “User” page

If for any reason you wish to start all over again, you can always make a new account with the option below when you enter the “User” page

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