Steps to set up Bandai Namco's Enza account

Mr. Qoo

Bandai Namco’s mobile browser game platform Enza has some really major exclusive titles. The only ticket to enjoying these games is an account that is easy to set up!

No worries! Although their games require Japanese IPs, the registration is kind enough to accept everyone from other parts of the world.

Step 1

Go the Enza registration website here.

Step 2

Register for a Bandai Namco ID if you have none. There are four ways to register: Line, Facebook, Twitter, and email.


Step 3


Registering with an email address will direct you to this authentication page. Fill in the code you receive via email or other means.

Step 4

You will officially have a Bandai Namco ID after passing through the authentication. Proceed to Enza registration by clicking the yellow button.

EnzaStep 5

The button will take you to a Japanese page thats says “registration complete”. There should be no extra forms to fill in. Your Enza account is simply your Bandai Namco ID.

If you can’t see this page, your Enza account registration may not be done.


Step 6

Please scroll down to the bottom to find a list of game available on Enza. Last but not least, enjoy!

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