SEIKO x FGO Third Collaboration Timepiece is For Women!

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Following the Mashu Kyrielight timepiece from earlier this year, SEIKO x FGO Collaboration announces the third timepiece made for women! The third timepiece, the Gilgamesh Model, is inspired by the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh.


Catering to women’s fashion standards, the new third collaboration timepiece understands that women may not wish to wear metal watch straps. So, as an alternative, the timepiece also comes with a leather strap to further match everyday wear. The timepiece is equipped with SEIKO’s 7N01 movement.

When thinking about Gilgamesh, one would associate him with gold, which is why the Gilgamesh model primarily has a golden motif. The dial of the timepiece features design motifs including the King of Heroes’ treasures detailed with precious stones and a Chian of Heaven motif.


The new Gilgamesh Model is already available for pre-orders online. The timepiece is priced at 45,000 yen (48,000 yen including a display stand). The timepiece is estimated to ship out in November this year.

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