[Qoo Review] Bandai Namco’s New Digimon Mobile Game ChinaJoy Demo Review


Following the release of Digimon ReArise, Bandai Namco revealed a new Digimon mobile game during the recent ChinaJoy 2018 (CJ2018) in Shanghai. The new game is titled “數碼寶貝 相遇” which translate to Digimon: Encounter.


During CJ2018, Bandai Namco hosted a stage event introducing the game to visitors. Digimon: Encounter is a mobile game that focuses on social elements. During the stage event, Bandai Namco also revealed a new original Digimon designed for the new game. At the Bandai Namco booth, there was also a small area where visitors can try the new game!




Players will be able to build on their own Digi-Island to create their own personal base and join together with other players to challenge different stages and quests in the game. To give players a more enhanced social experience, the game also allows players to stream their 10x gacha summons to friends and guildmates to share the excitement.


In addition to the socializing elements of the game, players will also be able to raise Digimon for battle. One thing that is the new game is different from the previous ones is that the combat is almost fully automatic. Yes, the previous games had auto, but the new game makes players feel more like the Digimon trainers from the anime series. During combat Digimon will automatically attack each other, players will be able to trigger a temporary digivolve during combat to help their Digimon gain advantages over their opponents.


Since it was only a playable demo, we couldn’t really try out the social elements of the game. However, the Digimon raising and combat element does seem quite different from the previous games. Although looking at the combat, the game does seem a little too plain, it does really give players the impression that they are indeed the Digimon Tamer, activating their Digivice when the bar is full to allow your partner Digimon to evolve.

However, like most Bandai Namco mobile games, if you take away the IP, in this case Digimon, there really isn’t anything special about that game that really makes you want to play. Once again, Bandai Namco has created a mobile game targeting the weak hearts of fans…

Unfortunately, we don’t have any hands-on gameplay videos to show, but here are some of the gameplay demonstrations from the stage event!

Gameplay Demonstration

Combat Gameplay

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