FGO Duel Figure Collection Unboxing

Mr. Qoo

Many of you Liked our post on the full setup of the FGO Duel set on Facebook. So to give you a better idea on what each box looks like, we have unboxed an individual box and taken a closer look at just what exactly comes in one box.

The box we unboxed turned out to be the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, so naturally, the box had a Gilgamesh figure, a stand, and a transparent arm that holds the figure in place. Whilst the figure itself is indeed special, the stand doesn’t lose in detail. Each stand has the servant type emblem of the representative servant.

Alongside the figure and stand, each box also comes with cards for your servant. Just like the game, each box will include Art, Buster, and Quick cards which players will be able to play in their turn.

Additionally, the card pack also includes a character card and a skill card for said character.

For the entire set up, check out our FB post below. Give us a like and share if you enjoyed this!

Asides from the figures in the complete set, additional servant figures were also revealed earlier this year. Read more here.

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