Captain Tsubasa EP 12: Manga Comparison

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It’s the final match that will prove who will be worthy of attending the nationals! This time Nankatsu FC will face off against Shimizu FC. Both are equal in skill level, which will prove to be a very heated game. With this episode sticking close to the original chapters, we will be discussing the different tactics adopted by both teams. We’ll be comparing chapter fourteen and the first half of chapter fifteen of Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼).

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Nankatsu FC vs. Shimizu FC Entrance

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Both teams make an astounding entrance to the soccer field under the blazing heat. In the manga, both teams arrive to the field at the same time with the crowds cheering them on. Quite an opposite feeling is portrayed in the anime as both teams are already lined up at the field and ready to play.

Nankatsu FC 4-3-3 Formation Explained

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With both teams being showcased as equal in all skill levels. Nankatsu FC is given the spotlight as their formation is explained more in depth by the narrator. Nankatsu FC is sticking to their regular 4-3-3 formation. This formation is a set up of three lines with a defense of two center-backs and two-full backs, three central midfielders, and one central and two wings who play on the flanks. Below is a better representation of this formation.

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This tactic is heavily used by Nankatsu FC due to the sheer strength it allows when attacking. Once they obtain possession of the ball, it allows up to seven players to attack but this comes with the cost of a weak defense. As more players can attack, this leaves the defense open to counter-attacks and plenty of free space for the opposing team to setup for a counter. This may catch the attacking team by surprise when the majority of their players aren’t setup for a proper defense.

Shimizu FC 4-4-2 Formation Explained

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As both teams are comparable in every single way, their tactics differ greatly. Shimizu FC will be focusing on using the 4-4-2 formation. What makes this formation different from the 4-3-3 formation is that it focuses equally on both attack and defense. It’s characterized by four defenders, two central midfielders, and two strikers as they spread out in a line. This is the most common position used in soccer which provides a solid basic structure with both defensive and attacking numbers. The biggest pro in this formation is that it has the combination of both strikers. This line-up involves one striker to focus on long balls and crosses as they also break down defenses for their partnering striker to latch onto.

The biggest con involved in using this setup is being outnumbered in the midfield. Due to this formation only using two strikers, they can easily be outnumbered by the opposing team if one or both strikers aren’t effectively controlling the ball. A 4-4-2 formation must be organized and disciplined well enough as to not create any openings in their defense and midfield.

Nankatsu FC has finally made it to the nationals!! Tsubasa is one step closer to reaching Brazil with Roberto and cementing Nankatsu as the one of the best teams in the country. What hardships will Nankatsu face at the nationals? What new enemies will Tsubasa create on the next chapter of his journey? Will he face off against the skillful Misugi Jun? Find out on the next adventure of Captain Tsubasa Episode Thirteen: Up Next, The Nationals!



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