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Captain Tsubasa

Like a speeding soccer ball, episode four of Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼) has finally arrived. With Tsubasa’s journey reaching new heights, the upcoming match between Nankatsu and Shuutetsu is nearing and the hype is off the charts! Keep reading for the many differences between the latest episode and manga.

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Roberto’s Uniform

Captain Tsubasa

Tsubasa finally has the chance to wear Roberto’s uniform as opposed to the manga in which he’s only allowed to observe it from a distance. His excitement radiates as he tells Roberto about his wish of going against the world with the best Japanese team that ever existed. This is also when Roberto realizes that he should be an example to not just the team but to himself, as he hesitates to take his usual bottle of whiskey with him. Is Roberto about to make a comeback?

Supporters Club First Look at Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

The Supporters Club is surprised as ever finding out that Nankatsu finally won a game! This is also their first-time hearing about the mysterious Oozora Tsubasa. While in the manga, the supporters club is aware of Tsubasa on Nankatsu’s first practice session. With talks of the football club finally having a chance at the inter-school tournament, many still have their doubts, even the cheerleaders see Tsubasa as the only good player. With Tsubasa’s positive outlook and gleaming vibes, he quickly turns around those doubts!

A Perfect Tie

Captain Tsubasa

We get a deeper look at what the inter-school tournament is all about, as the anime goes into deeper detail regarding why it is important for everyone! It’s an entire day dedicated to an abundance of sports competing between Nankatsu and Shuutetsu Elementary. Both schools are tied with 12 wins, 12 losses, and 1 Draw. With the football club being the deciding factor of this tie breaker, this is the perfect chance for them to shine! The club’s eagerness to break the tie is visible through a montage of the baseball, kendo, tennis, ping-pong, volleyball, karate, track, and basketball clubs practicing to finally settle the score.

Roberto’s Accident

Captain Tsubasa

The accident refers to the striking blow to Roberto’s head that has kept him away from the field. It is presented in the anime and explains the diagnosis Roberto was given by his doctor. With the possibility of becoming blind forever if he takes another hit to the head, Roberto must walk away from his career in Brazil as he announces his retirement and plans of living in Japan. Yet, now he has a new dream to achieve with Tsubasa.

Tsubasa vs. Nankatsu

Captain Tsubasa

An entirely new scene is showcased in the anime. It’s Tsubasa against the rest of the Nankatsu team! In this practice session, Nankatsu must keep the ball away from Tsubasa for a total of five minutes. If Tsubasa happens to obtain the ball and score a goal, he wins. A tough practice session that’s not just going to test the skills of Tsubasa but also the rest of the team. This is also where Sanae Nakazawa’s crush for Tsubasa begins to develop! Those glimmering eyes just can’t steer away from the all-star player.

Captain Tsubasa

Episode four has finally come to an end but it’s not yet the end of the road, Tsubasa, and the rest of the crew. Always leaving us wondering for what’s to come next, stay tuned for the next episode of Captain Tsubasa Episode Five: On Their Way to The Inter-School Tournament!

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